Assessment criteria – assignment three

Assessment criteria – assignment three:

  1. I produced a photo story of 10 images that, as a set, tells a story and conveys a narrative. As in assignment one, engaged at local level. In my opinion theme for documentary photography project is perfect, this is very common problem, the way I showed this is understandable, project has slight sadness in this problem, which we can feel through compositions and colours.
  1. Did this assignment in colour. My images do not have any harsh colour, as theme does not allow this.
  1. My project does not have a visual chronology, this is set of images that represents same common problem.
  1. I structured my visual story it looks like written story. In commentary I presented a theme, further developments and complications and reason Why I chosen to do my project this way.
  1. I tried differed viewpoints and compositions, consistency kept.
  1. Commentary 200-300 words.
  1. Produced a pdf book dummy, i.e. a self-contained pdf document

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