Proposal for critical review

Proposal for critical review:

Analyze documentary photography, facts, problems and solutions.

I have chosen this theme as it is very wide and covers many things as what definition documentary photography has and how this looks in real life, how documenting and gazing can cause issues such as false information, personal life interruption.

I am planning to look into photographic ethic very carefully as there are some many photographs taken which goes beyond any ethical rules such as child crying after just witnessed his mother’s dead. This makes me think that some photographers do not have any feelings at all. Would they like if their children would be in the same position?

Also the problems of publishing, not photographers decide what has to be published but editors who never witnessed real situation; this is where we spread false information to the reader. This is the reason why I totally ignore publish photographs in newspapers and journals, as there is false information or information which is manipulated. I prefer to visit galleries and exhibitions; this is where we can find true art and real facts.

The latest exercises introduced us with famine photography where raises many discussions on how aesthetic those images are. Surprisingly we can find very aesthetic images and other have lost this.

Another important issue I would like to cover is should some photographs be printed, as some of those kinds of photographs contain lots of blood, dead bodies, and parts of bodies that are not suitable for publishing. However this is choice of newspaper editor, but I will argue with this in my critical review.

Photographers such as Seydou Keita, Leni Riefenstahl and Irving Penn introduced us with different kind of portraits. Those images are taken in very similar areas of famine and horrible living conditions. However, to distract subject from their surrounding is very good idea to highlight optimistic side. Images taken in East but had got western style.

There are many issues and problems in documentary photography I can cover with my critical essay, can not wait to start writing.

After receiving feedback from tutor on my proposal, I decided to concentrate on one photographer for this project; it is Steve McCurry, the most famous documentary and travel photographer. I have looked at the main points that makes him so successful, what is his understanding about his projects, how he deals with difficult situation, what issues I see in his photography. All this work is the great start for the final assignment of this course – assignment five.


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