Assessment criteria – assignment three

Assessment criteria – assignment three:

  1. I produced a photo story of 10 images that, as a set, tells a story and conveys a narrative. As in assignment one, engaged at local level. In my opinion theme for documentary photography project is perfect, this is very common problem, the way I showed this is understandable, project has slight sadness in this problem, which we can feel through compositions and colours.
  1. Did this assignment in colour. My images do not have any harsh colour, as theme does not allow this.
  1. My project does not have a visual chronology, this is set of images that represents same common problem.
  1. I structured my visual story it looks like written story. In commentary I presented a theme, further developments and complications and reason Why I chosen to do my project this way.
  1. I tried differed viewpoints and compositions, consistency kept.
  1. Commentary 200-300 words.
  1. Produced a pdf book dummy, i.e. a self-contained pdf document

Assignment 2

Assignment asked us to produce 8 images that individually, have narrative and convey specific idea.


I produce 8 images that have narrative and convey loneliness and emptiness idea; I looked for the different ways to reproduce same idea.


This assignment helped me to work on chosen subject with developing my ideas visually, the most important to translate concepts effectively.


Demonstration of technical and visual skills – I have researched quite few documentary photographers and their photographic techniques, this helped me to employ some goods techniques such as juxtaposition, slow shutter speed, high contrast in light and dark points. I tried to follow good composition skills produced by famous documentary photographers.


Quality of outcome – in my opinion a content of assignment 2 is interesting and unique in the way I personalize my own feelings. There is knowledge of technical and demonstration skills applied. Good researched leaded me to look what and how I can create to fulfill assignment criteria and to develop my personal photographic voice.


Demonstration of creativity – for this assignment I chose different locations for every image to get the best image level of creativity. I gone for different angle, different time of the day, different places while I end up with something I am happy with.


Context – played a huge part in this project, researched leaded me to change the assignment idea, critical reviews pushed me towards showing myself through the images I make.


It might be that I did not cover all these criterias in 100 percent, but what is more important my photographic skills definitely improved, documentary is very interesting and very wide theme for immigrants life and issues that I am trying to convey.

Assignment 1

1. Demonstration skills – I have researched quite few new breed documentary photographers, they lead me to choose the theme for assignment, I noticed that all of them are concentrating on social issues. I checked put their websites to look for new photographic designs and compositional skills. I used to love taking full frame images, but for this assignment I decided to include some close ups. With full frame images you are able to reveal more information, especially in documentary photography.

2. Quality of outcome – in my opinion the content is very unusual and interesting, obviously you can see where I am coming form and what I want to say. Some images like my subject holding ‘For sale’ sign is perfectly reflected by ‘Tesco’ cartoon. One more image which perfectly reflects theme and idea is my subject holding card where capitals big letter states ‘Illegally’ this has very strong sense of Mister Cameron words in the article. All other images help to construct coherent and discernment.

3. Demonstration of creativity – in my opinion this is the most important part as creative person can shoot any theme and create goods quality work. I think I have quite strong personal voice as I have an opinion about everything, I clearly know what I want to show and where I want to be. Some people can call my assignment, maybe racistic, but I clearly provide fact that speak out loud about only one group of immigrants (especially low class) is not fare! I tries many different camera settings as most of the places were very dark.

4. Context – I had in mind another idea for this assignment – photograph my local RSCPA centre volunteers, but after reading Maria Short’s book, I changed my mind. Decided to photograph something that I really care about and don’t think that is fare on many people. To be honest is very weird that is clearly said that someone is not welcome were, but this is exactly same situation in Lithuania, people are blamed that they left their country for easy money elsewhere. It looks like those people who work in factory has nowhere to go and no one wants them…A reserched definitely helped my to create critical thinking and good reflection.