Assignment 2

After reading brief for my second assignment and it tells me that the theme has to be abstract, I am thinking on shooting childhood theme, little girl’s everyday activity. It feels like this would take me back where I was 23 years ago, as I recently change my status to mother, before this wife and etc. To look back where everything started, when I was dreaming to have a child, t be married and to become photographer…:)

However after researching documentary photography and their subjects closely another idea came up. To represent my own feelings such as loneliness, being far away from family, friends and relatives. I think this photographic idea is very popular between immigrants, everyone feels like they left something behind, then they left their country. I watched the program recently and it was a huge surprise that Lithuanian psychologists helped Lithuanian immigrants since 2009 to cope with loneliness and other related problems when leaving their country. This show us how big problem really is, people are escaping Lithuania for better life, but then has to fight with lonelyness.